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Is excessive screentime, gaming or social media an issue in your home?  
Are you dealing with tantrums and rows about phones daily?  
Are you worried about what your teenager is doing online? 
Has your child got into trouble at school over content they've posted? 
Want to know the tools and privacy settings to stay safer online? 
Perhaps you'd just like to get up to date?

 I am now offering Personal Sessions to Individuals, Parents, Carers, Organisations and Professionals. 


Excellent advice from someone who knows 100% what they are talking about!

Online Safety for Parents

Michelle Burke 


I can help you keep your family safer online - and your home devices more secure.

I can help you take back control of tech in your home and life. 

Book a 45 minute online safety session with me to find solutions to your family's current digital issues - and help develop healthier and more productive media habits in your home.  I will help you every step of the way - answer your questions and provide you with advice, tools, hacks and up to date knowledge that will put you back in the driving seat. 

Don't take it from me. 
Here's what other Parents' say..


For any parents out there who are concerned about what their children are doing/watching/talking to online, I highly recommend Wayne as someone who can advise and point you in the right direction.

Online Safety for Parents

Pauline Mills



Anyone who has children who have access to the internet need to go listen to Wayne. His seminar was informative, interesting and an eye opener. Even though I would consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about my children's use of the internet and the risks to them while online, I came home with more awareness and more skills and most importantly the vocabulary to talk about safety, risks and digital footprints to my teens. Highly recommended.

Online Safety for Parents

Leonie Finnegan


On Hand Anytime

Excellent advice received from Wayne about allowing my daughter onto a gaming platform that as a parent I am unsure - AND about the safety of such platforms. He described the safety protocols and parental controls that I can set up, checks and screen time limitations etc. Provided me also with a demo. On hand to help at anytime. Thanks Wayne!

Online Safety for Parents

Karen O'Callaghan


Meet Wayne

Online Safety for Parents

As featured on

Author of 'The Student's Guide to an Epic Online Reputation..and parents too,' Coach, Educator, Speaker and Trainer, Wayne Denner set up Ireland's first Social Network platform in the early noughties before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo!.  

After 26 years in this space Wayne is now internationally regarded as a thought leader, specialist and influencer on online safety and reputation, online behaviour, community engagement and emerging risks and trends in social media in today's rapidly changing digital environment.  

Wayne helps individuals, families, organisations and businesses protect themselves online, develop healthier media habits and take advantage of technology for life and work opportunities.

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 Wayne Denner helps schools, young people, parent, teachers, practitioners and organisations, leverage technology and look after themselves online. 

He’s the author of The Students Guide to an Epic Online Reputation and parents too. He’s a Speaker, Coach and Trainer on digital safeguarding, technology news and digital issues globally.

Wayne set up Irelands first Social Network platform in the early noughties before Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo! (and was told it would never catch on!). 

After 26 years in this space Wayne is now internationally regarded as a thought leader and influencer on online safeguarding, youth and community engagement online and emerging news, risks and trends in todays rapidly changing online environment.  
Wayne motivates young people and adults to protect their well being online, take control and maximise their individual talent in todays digital world. 

Wayne tells his story and provides sound advice, strategies and tools on protecting personal, professional and organisational reputation online and using social networks, the internet and smartphones to your advantage.  

Wayne Denner Speaks on Topics relating to Online Safety & CyberSecurity


'Absolutely fantastic to listen to Wayne's knowledge, know-how and delivery'

Tuatha Corca Teine


Get In Touch 


1: What is covered in the personal sessions with Wayne?

That's a great question.  The session is focused on your personal needs and specific digital parenting issues.  Before the session takes place you will receive an email with some questions to ultimately help shape the session. Our time together will provide you with solutions to your concerns and issues, an ongoing practical and efficient strategy - and tools and tricks to maintain healthy and productive media habits for you and your family long-term.  

2: How in the session delivered? 

Most of us are now familiar with using Zoom for meetings.  Once you've made your booking you'll get an invite for the Zoom call with Wayne with your chosen date and time.  Wayne also offers Home Visits where he assesses your home devices set ups - and in-person talks.

3: What cost is involved? 

Currently there are two options:  

£87/100 Euro for a 45 minute Introductory One-to-One First Session with a Parent or Carer.   This includes resources.

£150/170 euro for a 1 hr 10 minute Session with child or teenager accompanied by Parents or Carer.

Home Visit costs are dependant on location and time spent on the visit.

4: Will I need or can I book follow up sessions with Wayne? 

In some cases one session is all a family may need to help answer and address digital parenting issues.  However if you do need further sessions they are charged at the following rates:   

Each 1 hr session after the Introductory Session is £125/150 euros.  For longer term assistance discount is available. 

5: Are the sessions just for parents & families?

No sessions are open to anyone eg Businesses, organisations and individuals.

6: Does Wayne speak at conferences and events? 

Yup, Wayne is a accomplished public speaker and each year speaks to upwards of 60,000 students in-person and many thousands more parents, teachers and employees.  Wayne speaks on a number of specialist technology and safeguarding topics from Online Reputation and Safety to AI -  and also offers workshops.  To book Wayne for your next school, health or business event please email: [email protected] or call Elaine on +44 (0) 289581 6717

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